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Here are some great resources for your business and employees. We attend lots of networking events and groups and recommend that you do the same.

Click on one or all of the links below and join the appropriate MeetUp Group(s) to be notified of the very BEST Networking opportunities around. 

One brief description, if you can envision a 'Masters Degree' mindset networking group.

Initial group of 35 starting members given event host meetup status to identify them initially, were picked from a 11,000+ database because they were identified to have that mindset. Any unable to participate will be removed if requested privately. They will still be honorary members eligible to attend in the future without the interview process. 

They were picked because of who they are and how they act in a networking environment. They know what GIVE means. They will then identify potential new members that are like minded.

Members will be interviewed and chosen based on their networking experience and understanding of the "GIVE" mindset. Each will be voted on by the entire membership.
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We at We Honey Do would love to hear from you with questions, needs and desires. We have information that may occasionally come your way that should help with your home maintenance needs.

Let us know how we might be of service!!

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It is all about building relationships, one friend at a time...
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