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About Us
WeHoneyDo.com exists strictly to serve you with whatever needs you have, in relation to any structure, residential or commercial building. We strive to be your low stress, simple to use provider of repair, improvement, and maintenance of your home, rental property, or commercial building so you do not have to, at an affordable price. We specialize in assisting Real Estate Agents close deals by providing a  single provider for all your needs. We give you back your time!

Eric Metzger



Quality You Can Count On

We will never promise perfection, but we'll commit to persistence to make sure you are satisfied with all of our services and providers. We want you to feel comfortable to use all the rest of our services as well. "If you love one, you will love 'em all!"

Contractor Lic: WEHONHD895C3 Pest Control Lic: 65263 EPA - HUD Lead Paint Cert: R-I-8869-11-0329